Association of persons with head and neck cancers

ASSOCIATION OF PERSONS WITH HEAD AND NECK CANCERS operating at the Head and Neck Surgery and Laryngological Oncology Department of the Greater Poland Cancer Centre is an organisation founded to provide all forms of assistance to persons suffering from head and neck cancers. Its members include head and neck cancer patients, their families and representatives of various specialities engaged in treatment and rehabilitation.

Goals and forms of activity

  1. All kinds of actions aimed to support head and neck cancer patients in terms of treatment and rehabilitation;
  2. Organising support groups for patients and their families;
  3. Organising rehabilitation camps for patients;
  4. Prevention of head and neck cancer through educational and scientific activities;
  5. Publication activity including books, magazines, brochures, leaflets, etc.

The association is open for cooperation with all those who wish to participate in support programmes for patients with head and neck cancers.